「“30th Anniversary e-Sports Festival” Powered by DENGEKI」 (17/03/2019)

Nami participará como invitada especial en el evento 「“30th Anniversary e-Sports Festival” Powered by DENGEKI」. Tendrá lugar el próximo 17 de marzo y jugará al exitoso videojuego ‘Fortnite’.

A continuación podéis ver toda la información con respecto a la participación de Nami.

▪ Fecha: March 17th, 2019
▪ Lugar: Marunouchi Building (Tokyo)
▪ Hora: 14:30h to 15:30h (UTC +9)
▪ Emisión en directo:


Nami will participate as special guest at game event「“30th Anniversary e-Sports Festival” Powered by DENGEKI」. It will take place on March 17th. She will play the hit game ‘Fortnite’!

You can get all info about Nami appareance below.

▪ Date: March 17th, 2019
▪ Venue: Marunouchi Building (Tokyo)
▪ Time: 14:30h to 15:30h (UTC +9)
▪ Live streaming:


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