2nd CONCERT 2005 “Make Progress ~road to~”☆

Fechas |08/10/29 Julio, 2005
Lugares | Zepp Nagoya; Zepp Osaka; Zepp Tokyo


M-1 Make Progress~inst~
M-2 -Fly Away-
M-3 コイスルチカラ (Koisuru chikara)
M-4 Future Step
M-5 Daybreak
M-6 Everlasting
M-7 Heroine
M-8 暗闇物語 (Kurayami monogatari)
M-9 Truth
M-10 Beautiful (Not on Livd DVD; Cover of Christina Aguilera’s version)
M-11 Singles Medley: 大胆にいきましょう↑Heart&Soul↑~Prayer~Shining Star ☆忘れないから☆~Believe~Realize~大胆にいきましょう↑Heart&Soul↑
M-12 Fortune
En.1 You
En.2 Reason Reproduction ~flash foward mix~
En.3 DreamerS

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