Nami unveils new stunning photoshoot on 34th birthday

On her 34th birthday, Nami impressed everyone by revealing four stunning new exclusive photos on her…

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New photoshoot with Hatsune Matsushima in Asakusa revealed!

Nami went to Asakusa with friend and talento Hatsune Matsushima wearing a cute kimono. They take…

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Check Nami’s photoshoot with ‘epetice’ outfit

By the end of 2021, Nami revealed a series of pictures from a photoshoot with an…

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Nami launches new self photoshoot with Mika Nonomiya

Nami met Mika Nonomiya the other day and did a photo shoot together. They took the…

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Nami shares a message on her 17th anniversary

Nami has shared message on Twitter about her 17th anniversary: “423. Today is the 17th anniversary…

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New Exclusive Photoshoot [16th Anniversary]

New shot revealed! / ¬°Nueva foto publicada! Photographer: Kei Kuroda Hair & make up: Chizuru Tomita