Nami to appear at the reading music play “SWEET 19 BLUES”

Nami will appear at the reading music play “SWEET 19 BLUES -Featuring The Songs Of Tetsuya Komuro-“!

Her appearance is scheduled for December 28 and 30!

This is Nami’s first reading music play. It’s a play featuring a collaboration of popular and talented voice actors and many famous songs by Tetsuya Komuro, who has led the Japanese music scene with many hit songs.

Inspired by one of Komuro’s best-known songs, “SWEET 19 BLUES” (released in 1996), this music reading play with an original script is set in Shibuya and Saku, Nagano Prefecture, and depicts the challenges of young aspiring musicians with a touch of fantasy. Top voice actors read not only the dialogues but also the lyrics of famous songs accompanied by musical performances in this new entertainment. Two large 300-inch screens will be set up at the venue to project the stage.

There will be four characters: Ritsu, Kasumi, Itsuki and BB.

Nami will play the role of Kasumi:
A student living in Shibuya. She aspired to be a singer-songwriter and was going to join Ritsu’s band as a vocalist, but her music dream was frustrated by Ritsu’s death.

Nami will cast along with Sōichirō Hoshi (Ritsu), Shiori Izawa (Itsuki) and Aya Suzaki (Itsuki).

Music Reading Play「SWEET 19 BLUES」

📅 From 12/26~30 [Nami’s appareance on 28 & 30)

📍 Belle Salle Takadanobaba (Shinjuku, Tokyo)


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