Nami to release new album “Singularity”!

\Nami Tamaki NEW ALBUM 「Singularity」+ Photobook (2024.3.13 Release!)/

Nami’s 20th anniversary album “Singularity” will be released! Includes a gorgeous photobook!

The long-awaited original album by Nami Tamaki, her first in 13 years! It will come after the release of  “Reborn” the official supporter song for the latest movie “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM” on January 24, 2024!

The album will also feature songs from anime tie-ups from 2020 onward, as well as songs that will be released on CD for the first time!
It will also include the 20th anniversary arranged versions of “Believe“, “Realize“, and “Reason” performed at the 20th anniversary concert held in April 2023.

The album will also include a photobook featuring all new photos, which is a must-have for her fans!

Photo by Kei Kuroda

[Product Overview]
Nami Tamaki 20th Anniversary Album “Singularity”
To be released on March 13, 2024
Specifications: 1 CD in a sleeve case with a photo book

Open the GATE feat. Hiroshi Kitadani
Connect the Truth
BEYOND THE TIME -メビウスの宇宙を越えて-
Believe (2023 rearrange ver.)
Realize (2023 rearrange ver.)
Reason (2023 rearrange ver.)
and more

This album will be a great opportunity for fans to enjoy the current Nami Tamaki and has been expanding her range of expression!

The album will be released under SUNRISE MUSIC Label

Stay tuned for further info!

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