“Reborn” Release Event announced!

Sony Music announced a release event will be held to celebrate the release of Nami Tamaki’s “Reborn”!

In addition to the signing session, there will be a meaningful talk reviewing the 20 years with the first staff at the time of Nami’s debut (Sony Music staff)

🗣️ Talk + Autograph Session

📅 February 22, 2024
🕢 19:30
📍 Tokyo
The venue and other details will be announced in the “Event Participation Details Email”.

This event is open only to those who have “Event Participation Details Mail”. There will be no free admission.

Seating will be determined by lottery at the entrance on the day of the event.
There may be cameras on the day of the event for news gathering and distribution. Please be aware that you may be filmed. Please note that some seats may be difficult to see the stage due to camera equipment.

We are looking forward to your participation!

Source | https://www.sonymusic.co.jp/artist/namitamaki/

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