1st CONCERT 2004 “Greeting”☆

Fechas | May 2/May 5, 2004
Lugar | Osaka Kosei nenkin Kaikan Hall/NHK-Hall


M-1 Eternal Voice
M-2 Realize
M-3 real dreaM
M-4 Can you feel my love
M-5 Hot summer day
M-6 day by day
M-7 Be Positive -光の中で輝いて-
M-8 High School Queen
M-9 FULL MOON PRAYER (Cover song of CORE OF SOUL’s Version)
M-10 Naked
M-11 Complete
M-12 NEVER STOP MY HEART -君という奇蹟に-
M-13 Medley(Destiny~Final Memory~Long Way Behind)
M-14 Prayer
M-15 明日の君 (Ashita no Kimi)
En.1 Believe
En.2 Shining Star ☆忘れないから☆

1st CONCERT”Greeting” an extra order

Fechas | August 15-31, 2004
Lugares | 6 ciudades variadas

M-1. Eternal Voice
M-2. Realize
M-3. Destiny
M-4. day by day
M-5. Hot summer day
M-6. 大胆にいきましょう↑Heart&Soul↑
M-7. Special Birthday
M-8. Be Positive -光の中で輝いて-
M-9. High School Queen
M-10. あなた (Anata) -Acoustic Ver.- (HY Cover)
M-11. Naked
M-12. Complete
~Dancer Introduction & Performance~
M-13. NEVER STOP MY HEART -君という奇蹟に-
M-14. Distance
M-15. Long Way Behind
M-16. Prayer
M-17. 明日の君 (Ashita no Kimi)
EN-1. Believe
En-2. Shining Star ☆忘れないから☆

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