3rd CONCERT 2006 “Speciality~Next~”☆

Fechas | 21-25 Julio, 2006
Lugares | Osaka, Nagoya, and Zepp Tokyo


M-1 OVERTURE Speciality~inst~Long Ver
M-2 Result
M-3 New World
M-4 Realize
M-5 Sunrize
M-6 Shining Star
M-7 IDentity
M-8 Destiny
M-9 Believe
M-10 Dance Number
M-11 Ready Steady Go!
M-12 No Way Back
M-13 Reason
~Dance Battle~ (Fortune)
M-14 You
M-15 Reach For The Rainbow
M-16 Sanctuary
En.1 Blue Jeans Memory
En.2 Get Wild

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