Nami’s performance at “AFA Singapore 2023”

Nami performed at “Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2023” today! “Thank you so much for coming to…

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Nami’s performance at “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Festival”

Nami performed at “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FESTIVAL ~CONNECT Beyond That Era~” on November 19! A…

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone from Nami-Wednesday!🎃 Have a terrifying night!🧡

Nami’s performance at “HIGHWAY STAR PARTY 2023”

Nami-chan performed at “HIGHWAY STAR PARTY 2023” in Toyosu PIT on 10/9! All artists from this…

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The musical “Vagrant” comes to an end

The musical “Vagrant” has come to an end with the LAST performance today in Osaka! Our…

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Performances of musical “Vagrant” resume in Osaka

The performances of a new musical “Vagrant” resumed in Osaka yesterday! Akemi is back! The second…

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