Nami to host alone next ‘Nami to Reira’s Shibuya Base’

Reira will not attending tomorrow’s Nami to Reira’s Shibuya Base. Her family has had some symptoms and will be resting for a few days. Take care, Reira-chan!

Nami will be alone this time, so send her your questions through the hashtag #渋谷ベース via Twitter!

Reira no acudirá a la emisión de mañana de Nami to Reira’s Shibuya Base. Su familia ha presentado algunos síntomas y descansará durante unos días. ¡Cuídate, Reira-chan!

Nami estará sola esta vez, así que enviadle vuestras preguntas a través del hashtag #渋谷ベース en Twitter

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